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Yes, as of today, Winterdrake is a part of PlanetGeek, Portugal’s most popular (hmm, are there any others at the moment?) aggregator of geek-related blogs. Yes, this blog’s content is in English, and my “geekiness” relates more to the American concept than to the Portuguese one, but that’s not really a problem… and, besides, a lot of stuff here relates to Portugal — especially the nostalgic posts about the ZX Spectrum and the Portuguese “scene” in the 80s.

Some people already familiar with PlanetGeek may be wondering: “didn’t you already have a blog aggregated on PG?” Yes, it was my personal blog — but, to be honest, that aggregation never really made sense (and I blame myself): a personal blog, to me, is a place to be personal, but I stopped writing personal posts a short time after that aggregation because either I didn’t want to share them with so many strangers (PG is quite popular), or because I thought that they wouldn’t be interested in my personal stuff. Now, this blog being aggregated there makes a lot more sense, and so I asked them to switch the aggregated blog… and here we are. šŸ™‚

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