Welcome to Winterdrake!

This blog (created March 3, 2011) will feature, for now, my ramblings and musings on several geek-related subjects: video games, movies, novels, comic books and so on. Yes, I already have a personal blog where I could do that, however 1) that one’s in Portuguese (my native tongue), and I wanted to do this in English, and 2) I really think a new blog about these subjects makes more sense. Besides, I may add some co-writers in the future, which would never be possible in a personal blog.

So… enjoy. πŸ™‚ The “about” pages will be created later, and I want to customize the theme a bit (I’ll probably keep this one, but with a more appropriate picture on the top). As for a “real” post, it’ll come very, very soon…

As for the name, well, I needed ideas, so I used (shameless self-promotion) my Fantasy Name Generator, with the “fantasy surnames” option, and ran it several times until I found a nice-sounding one. The suggestion I most liked was actually “winterdragon“, but that one wasn’t available, so… πŸ™‚

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