New Linux blog: Zurgl

Yes, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t written here a lot. Mostly because of lack of time, and also because, while Winterdrake isn’t technically a gaming blog (it’s supposed to be a “geek stuff” blog), gaming has always been a big part of it… and I haven’t had really gamed a lot for the past couple of years. 🙁

As for Linux-related posts, I have been writing them in a more specialized Linux blog, Zurgl: Linux Tutorials and Answers to Actual Questions. My idea was to take advantage of the fact that sometimes co-workers ask for help (due to my relatively incredible old age… I mean, vast experience) to also share that answer with the world — after all, if it was useful to a single person, it might be so to more. I also write guides and tutorials, and will eventually answer some reader questions… when I get any. 🙂

I still intend to write more gaming-related posts here on Winterdrake, but it may take a while; there’s a lot of stress in my life (mostly related to money, but not only that) that I need to take care of, before I really have time and energy to dedicate to gaming (and writing about it).