“The Games of my Life” is migrating here

You may not be aware, but yours truly has had a blog completely dedicated to video games, “The Games of my Life” (no link, since it’s now closed, but it’s pretty easy to google for it, if you really want to), since 2005, though it had been mostly dead for the last couple of years. Well, as I said, TGomL is now closed, and while it’ll remain online in a read-only format (no more comments or posts), I won’t renew the domain registration when it expires, so it’ll eventually be gone from the web (except for the Internet Archive, I guess).

However, I think that there are some classic posts there that don’t deserve to die, so, during the next weeks, I will be copying them to Winterdrake — labeled as such, of course; I won’t be pretending that they’re new), and redirecting the old URLs to their equivalents here. My idea is to transfer one post per day. With improvements, in many cases.

All that in addition to actually new posts, of course. Enjoy!