Conversion Wars #1: Post Mortem

As I had mentioned before, the first entry on the Conversion Wars series (Out Run) revealed its format to be far too cumbersome; three long posts for a single game is simply too much.

So, the second entry in the series will be a single post (I haven’t decided on a game yet). After a short intro, there will just be a table with the several ports listed, their scores, a small screenshot (possibly linking to an YouTube video, but on the post it’ll just be an image), and an optional short (1-2 sentences) comment. All of this possibly followed by a conclusion. That’s it.

Any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Conversion Wars #1: Post Mortem”

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂 R-Type is an interesting idea, though I think it has a few disadvantages: namely, there are tons of versions, and most of them tend to be quite good, and not that much different from each other. Still, it’s now “in the queue”. 🙂

      EDIT: Ah, I know which one will be next. An easy one, only 4 versions…

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