About Winterdrake

Winterdrake (est. March 2011) is my (see the About Dehumanizer page) blog about the themes and activities that have interested me for decades — some of them since I was six years old! I’ve written about some of them (e.g. video games) in other blogs and forums before, but I had been thinking about creating a new blog where I could easily switch from Star Wars to Dragonlance to a ZX Spectrum game to Dungeons & Dragons to a comparison between computer and console ports of an old arcade game to opinions on the iPhone/Android wars. All that without losing steam, or without feeling that subject A or B don’t belong here. This blog is about my geeky tastes; that’s it. I don’t expect most readers to care about all of them, of course… but, then again, skipping a post (either here or on your feed reader) is easy.

This is not, however, a truly personal blog (besides, I already have one of those, in my native Portuguese). There are, and will be, some personal stories, but they will be about the blog’s subjects, not really about me. For instance, how I discovered a particular book, or what a certain computer game meant to me when I was young. What I want here is a very particular middle ground between a “talk about everything” blog and a thematic (one subject) one. I hope I’ll succeed.

So, without further ado, welcome to Winterdrake! I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment on any post.